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Las Cruces, NM

Las Cruces has beautiful seasons, vast vigorous atmosphere, is filled with culture, has pleasing scenery, and with many locally owned businesses and things to do. Las Cruces is has nice winters and warm pleasant summers, relaxed but conservative politics, and is both very beautiful and booming in a slow US economy. As a city in the "Land of Enchantment" it has an alive and effervescent downtown. We believe that it will become one of the best economies in the United States. With its agriculture, NMSU, and many other wonders many people are proud to call this great place home. Those that do not live here love to visit Las Cruces!

Las Cruces, New Mexico

This site is all about Las Cruces, New Mexico and is regularly updated. It contains both fascinating facts and interesting opinions about local businesses, things to do, places to eat, and the Las Cruces Nightlife. No beach resorts or Universal Studios here but still, still Cruces is just as interesting! Las Cruces New Mexico welcomes visitors with historic color and cultural art. It has distinct music, folklore and dance. From rolling hills and breathtaking landscapes to small rivers and “ponds” - the city parks are some of the best I have seen across many places.

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The Benefits of Visiting and Living in Las Cruces New Mexico

Over the last few decades, Las Cruces New Mexico, and the surrounding lands of the beautiful Mesilla Valley, have become a popular destination in the Southwest. The name Las Cruces translates into “The City of the Crosses” and serves as the county seat in Dona Ana County.

Tightly nestled in the crossroads of I-10and I-25, Las Cruces offers attractive amenities including local historical sites, world-class Mexican dining, year round golf, and phenomenal weather including sunshine 350 days every year. The community has received many awards declaring it one of the nation’s dream towns for retirement.

Past Historical Residents

Behind Albuquerque, Las Cruces New Mexico ranks second largest city before Santa Fe. Its history dates back for millenniums, where humans first inhabited the area because of its rich soil and mild year-round temperatures. Archaeological diggings indicate that Paleo Indians from prehistoric time made their way through the area well over 20,000 years ago.

Approximately 10,000 years ago, the Anasazi tribes constructed the area’s cliff villages. This ancient tribe disappeared from their local community some 3300 years ago and left only a minimal amount of evidence of their civilization behind.

The mild climate in this high desert region offers phenomenal views of the surrounding mountains and the scenic Rio Grande Valley. Recent past residents in the community over the last hundreds of years include the early Spanish settlers, Billy the Kid and Geronimo.

Recreation in the Area

Las Cruces New Mexico is abundant in local recreation due to its nearly perfect year-round sunshine weather. Public courses in the area include the Sonoma Ranch GC, and the course at New Mexico State University. Additionally, the only semi-private golf course, the Las Cruces Country Club, is accessible to members and the public. The Picacho Hills CC is open to members only. In addition to golf, Las Cruces supports various local amenities that include:

Other Amenities

In addition to all the above amenities, the city of Las Cruces provides a variety of fun opportunities for the community that includes:

Camping and hiking facilities are accessible in the area, where outdoor adventurers can enjoy kayaking, camping, hiking and swimming year-round at the Leasburg Dam State Park. To the east, outdoor adventurers can enjoy the San Augustin Pass and the campground at Aquirre Springs. This scenic campground makes the ideal setting for outdoor cookouts, mountain biking and hiking. However, bring along drinking water, which is not available at the campground.

Just outside the borders of Las Cruces New Mexico, visitors and residents alike enjoy The Organ Mountain Reserve. It provides a historical and challenging hike to check out the local ruins and a huge mysterious cave. In addition, history enthusiasts will enjoy visiting Dripping Springs Resort, the renowned 19th century hotel visited by notorious characters including Sheriff Pat Garrett and Pancho Villa.

Up the road apiece, Las Cruces visitors can enjoy Elephant Butte Lake and Caballo Reserve that reside along the Rio Grande just outside of nearby Truth or Consequences. It is the ideal location for bird watching, boating, swimming and fishing – all extremely popular activities available to residents and visitors year-round.

Spaceport America

Less than an hour away from Las Cruces New Mexico, Spaceport America has redefined space travel. The new space adventure addition to New Mexico now serves as the ideal location for commercial space travel. The launch pad is open for business for both private and commercial companies, with many launches taking off every year.

Outer space aficionados will enjoy the hardhat tour at Spaceport America, open to the public. This fascinating and adventurous tour last approximately 4 hours and includes extensive stories concerning New Mexico history and many of the famous characters that have lived and worked in the area. Spaceport America was built by Virgin Galactic and remains an active launch site.

The Real Estate Market

With just under 100,000 residents, there are extensive real estate opportunities throughout the community. The average mean price for housing in the local 26 neighborhoods is just under $140,000. Fortunately, the homes have been appreciating in the last few years, in spite of the current national financial crisis. It offers a lower cost of living (6.7 percent) than the US average, and has a substantially lower unemployment rate compared to the nation.

Since 2010, Las Cruces New Mexico has seen an increase in home inventory, with many houses offered at bargain basement prices. There has been a recent influx of new residents to the area due to the quaint small town atmosphere, idyllic weather, and thriving economy.

Best Place to Retire

Out of all the top places in the entire United States to retire, the AARP listed Las Cruces New Mexico as number two, just behind Fort Collins, Colorado. This nod by the AARP of the best place to retire did not just happen by accident. The rating Las Cruces received was a result of numerous factors including job creation and sustainability. Additional strengths include the newly constructed spaceport America, and the continuing lower costs of doing business in the community.

In fact, Las Cruces New Mexico has easy access to business markets located along the border towns in one direction, and access to the space and aerospace research technology in the opposite direction. It is also home to New Mexico State University, which brings in outside money during the school year. Additionally, White Sands Missile Range continues to provide an economic boom to the community because of NASA’s continuing interest in the area.

With an amazing small town atmosphere, this quaint college community town has a low cost of living, phenomenal Mexican food, a unique cultural heritage, and some of the mildest winters in the nation. In fact, the weather makes it an ideal setting for golfing, tennis, and outdoor adventures including swimming, hiking and biking.